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Air Mail News: Volume 54, Number 217, May 2012

Ian McQueen 3
Letters to the Editor
Short Brothers Felixtowe F3 Anti-Submarine Flying Boat 3
Forced Landing near Wadi Halfa, March 1932 5
On Dragon's Wings - Chinese Air Mails 6
LATI's Rome - Tokyo - Rome Flight of 1942 7
A South Wales and Westcountry Regional Group 8
Questions & Answers
(Q.485) Can anyone say how this cover was flown? Kano, Nigeria - Khartoum 9
(Q.485a) A Wartime Mystery 10
(A.483) Elizabethville to Broken Hill, November 1936 11
(A.484) 1934 Cover, Joinville - Chemnitz 11
(A.480) Ile de France forged cover - a further reference 16
Severn Airways: the 84 day airline 16
The Salmet Aerogram 17
Additions to the Supplement to Airmail Directional Handstamps 18
The Pan American Postal Union: the UPAE and the UPAEP 22
Australia's First Official Scheduled Air mail Service Perth to Derby 4th December 1921 31
Literature Reviews: canal Zone and Panama Aerophilately and Philately Associated with the First Byrd Antarctic Expedition 36
The Titanic: Special March Issue of La Catastrophe 38
Primary Source: Mail Time Table - Southern Rhodesia 1938 39

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