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Air Mail News: Volume 56, Number 222, August 2013

Letters to the Editor
Not FAM 22 and Romania to Palestine 3
Club Imperial 4
Questions & Answers
(Q.491) Did Ala Littoria fly mail addressed to Britain in late June 1940? 5
(Q.492) Was there an Airmail Service to Australia via India in 1931? 6
(Q.493) Spanish Civil War. Par Avion Jusqu'a Roma, but where then? 7
Pan American Airways Trip Summaries 7
A Wartime Odyssey, Buenos Aires to Saigon 9
I see a speck! (early airmail to DEI) 10
FAM-22 and the "Uranium" Story 17
The First Air Mail from Mocambique via SNAM 18
Primary Source: City of Birmingham Crash at Assuan, June 1931 22
A Question of Authenticity (Zeppelin 1830 Error) 25
The Unpredictability of War 26

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