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Air Mail News: Volume 56, Number 224, February 2014

Letters to the Editor
Special Mission Flight 16th-20th January 1
Questions & Answers
(Q.496) An Unknown Fokker Aircraft 2
(Q.497) Seahorse Cover to Venezula, 1935 2
(Q.498) The Speke Spokes and Skynet 3
(Q.499) Postage Rates from Aden to the USA 3
(A.494) The Meaning of C.G.D.T. 3
(A.495) Dornier DoX Transatlantic Flight 4
(A.496) An Unknown Fokker Aircraft 4
(A.497) Seahorse Cover to Venezuela, 1935 5
Short Bros S23 Empire Flying Boat Calpurnia, G-AETW 5
First Commercial Westerly Flight Around the World 8
"I See a Speck": Part III Stepping Stones 9
British Island Airways 15
Eight Annas Air Mail Envelope 18
The RAF Coronation Flypast and Naval Review of 1953 19
Two Covers from Russia to French Colonial Africa 20
Prisoner of War Airmail. A Fascination 22
An Unusual Enna Jettic Newfoundland Air Mail Cover 26

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