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Air Mail News: Volume 58, Number 230, August 2015

Letters to the Editor
La Cordilliere des Andes Vol de Reconnaissance 1
Rates from and to the Belgian Congo 3
APO covers 'Mixed' Franking 4
Questions & Answers
(Q.512) SCADCA seaplane Fokker F13 from Bogata 5
(Q.513) Registered Cover from Noumea, New Caledonia 5
(A.507) Route and Rates, Sudan to Germany 5
(A.508) Rates to and from the Belgian Congo 6
(A.509) The extra 1½d 7
The 1935 Transatlantic Flight of the "Lieutenant de Vaisseau Paris" 8
Re-directed Air Mail Letters 11
A Mystery Solved: Shell Aviation Fasher - Khartoum 19
Air Mail from Axis and Neutral Europe to the USA via LATI and South America 1940-1941 20

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