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Air Mail News: Volume 59, Number 234, August 2016

Questions & Answers
(Q.519) Was this cover returned to the sender? 1
(Q.520) Can anyone explain the postage on these WWII British air mail covers to Canada? 2
31st July 1934, Lerwick, Shetland to St Annes on Sea, Lancashire 4
Air Mail Connection between Africa and India / Ceylon in 1932-1933 5
Waddon Aerodrome Postmarks 19
Australian Air Mail Across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, 1937-1945: Part 1 23
Canadian Air Mail Cover to South Africa - 1939 29
A Million Miles in the Air 31
Imperial Airways Airliner HP 42 Hannibal G-AAGX caught in a 'Habbob' or Desert Storm 34

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