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Air Mail News: Volume 62, Number 248, February 2020

An Exciting New Find: Paris - Cape Town Jan 1932 5
Re: The Reason Why Romanian Air Mail via Lisbon to North & South America During 1941 was flown by a Different Route from that taken by Bulgarian Air Mail 7
Boxed Three Bar Obliterator 7
Questions & Answers
(A.558) Curious Apex Airmail Cover 11
(Q.561) Smye Peru Cover 12
(A.561) Smye Peru Cover 13
The Airmail Stamps of the Portsmouth, Southsea and Isleof Wight Aviation Co. Ltd: Part 1 21
My Wonderful Philatelic Flight 27
The German Catapult Mail of the North Atlantic Part 8 35
Problem Regarding the Delivery of a German Transatlantic Air Mail Cover sent when the Second World War was about to start 39

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