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Air Mail News: Volume 63, Number 254, August 2021

20th Anniversary Flights 2 March 1989 4
Book Review
Australian Airmails Across the Pacific Ocean 1937-1951:Laurence Kimpton 4
Pan American's Final Flight: Jon E Krupnick 5
Questions & Answers
WWII Airmails to Sweden 7
(Q.471) WWII BOAC Bermuda Flights 8
(Q.472) Harrington Rocket Mail 8
Recent Acqusitions 9
The Veil is lifted - even further 12
The German Catapult Mail of the North Atlantic Part 14 17
By Air from Surinam to the Dutch East Indies: Three Rates for Three Routes 21
The Scandinavian Airmail Connections 1939/40 27
GWR and the Newton Abbot Acceptances 34
International Courier Air Mail during the 1973 Costa Rican Postal Strike 38

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