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Air Mail News: Volume 64, Number 258, November 2022

Book Reviews
The Italian South Atlantic Airline (LATI) 3
Australian Crash Mail and Mail from Other Incidents Vol 4: 1940-1949 4
Letters and News
Airmail from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Holland at the End of 1939 5
Discussion of "GWR 15" May 1933 - New Discovery 6
Report of the Midlands Group Meeting 7
An Interesting WW2 Cover from Columbia 8
Engine Fire Brings Down Russian-Built Aircraft Killing all on Board 10
About the Importance of Knowledge 15
New Zealand Returned Mail 18
Lady Spencer Covers Flown in the Air Race from England to Australia in 1934 20
London to Rome 22
Clouston/Ricketts Record-Breaking Flight to Australia and New Zealand 15th - 28th March 1938 25
Examination by the Border Force and Customs & Excise of Philatelic Private Mails 30

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