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Air Mail News: Volume 49, Number 194, August 2006

Letters to the Editor
Clarification of Sent 'Under Cover' Zeppelin Mail 86
The Irrawaddy Flotilla Company did not Fly the Mails 87
BOAC Flew the Wartime Air Mails, not BEA! 88
Spanish Air Mails after the Civil War (1939-1946) 88
Questions & Answers
(A.356) Paraguayan Air Mail Cachet Query 93
(A.358) Mail from the Gambia by Lufthansa 94
(A.359) How did this Wartime Canadian Air Mail Cover arrive uncensored in the U.K.? 96
(A.360) A Listing of British WWII Censor Numbers? 99
(Q.364) Who Paid for the Canadian Special Delivery Stamp? 106
(Q.365) Why the Endorsement "Tripoli - Athens" on this Lebanese Air Mail Cover? 108
(Q.366) What does "V3" mean? 109
(Q.367) Reason for the Lozenge Blind Handstamp of Egypt? 110
Leviathan Cachets 115
Combined SCADTA & Pan American Airways Airmail to the United States via the Canal Zone 117
The Aero Espresso Experiment 121
Spanish Airmails after the Civil War (1939-1946) Comments on Covers sent in by Mrs Dee Pullan and Julian van Beveren 126
Oscar Garden - Record Flight Attempt Cape Town to London 133
The 1931 Polar Flight 138

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