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Air Mail News: Volume 49, Number 193, May 2006

Letters to the Editor
Warning! Madame Joseph Forgery of Papuan Air Mail Cover 6
Response to the Article "History of the Airgraph Service" 8
Stanley Gibbons "Collect Aircraft on Stamps" 10
Questions & Answers
(A.340) The Irrawaddy Flotilla Company 11
(A.347) Covers with "AIR MIAL" mis-spellings 19
(A.353) Early Acceptance Date for an LZ 126 Flight 19
(A.354) Differences of Opinion about a Spanish Zeppelin Cover 19
(Q.356) Paraguayan Air Mail Cachet Query 21
(Q.357) Information Required about a Possible WWII-Period Iranian Air Mail Crash Cover 22
(Q.358) Mail from the Gambia by Lufthansa 24
(Q.359) How did this Wartime Canadian Air Mail Cover arrive uncensored in the U.K.? 24
(Q.360) Is there a Listing of British WWII Censor Numbers? 25
(Q.361) Air Mail Flown by the 'Clyde' and the 'Clare' 26
(Q.362) What was the "Goliath" Air Service? 28
(Q.363) How did this 1938 French Cover get to Johannesburg? 29
Danish Airlines during the Second World War 30
Spanish Airmails after the Civil War (1939-1946) Part III: The June 1940 to December 1942 Period 38
Concerning the Book: Die Luftpostbebuhren fur Deutsche Briefsendungen nach dem Ausland (1926-1945) 53
Oscar Garden - Sundowner of the Skies 56

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