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Air Mail News: Volume 48, Number 192, February 2006

Letters to the Editor
The Meaning of "All-up" Air Mail Services 234
The Pre-War Air Mail Route from Italy to Ecuador 236
Crilly Ain't Silly 237
Air Mail Directional Etiquettes: Germany to Colombia 238
More on Early WWII Services from Shoreham to Europe 242
Questions & Answers
(A.340) The Irrawaddy Flotilla Company 245
(A.342) 23rd Februay 1931 was the Date of Reduction of the British Air Mail Postage Rate to Argentina 246
(A.343) Explanation of the British Air Lift Cover to US APO in Europe 248
(A.344) Early WWII-period British Air Mail to Finland franked 4d 248
(A.347) Covers with "AIR MIAL" mis-spellings 249
(A.349) Identification of Aircraft on T.A.A.F. Aerogramme 249
(Q.350) Information about an Angolan Internal Flight Cover? 249
(Q.351) Onward Air Transmission of FAM Route 18 First Flight Covers 250
(Q.352) Help Required for Understanding of an Interesting Transatlantic Air Mail Cover, June 1942, to Unoccupied France 252
(Q.353) An Early Acceptance Date for an LZ 126 Flight? 253
(Q.354) What is so Very Special about this Spanish Zeppelin Cover? 255
(Q.355) Origin and Use of "North Atlantic Air Service" Cachets 257
Seychelles First Flight Covers 258
More than Two Printings of the Railway Air Services Official Covers 266
North Eastern Airways Ltd 268
P.G.Taylor's Central Pacific Survey Flight, 1944 - a postscript on Clipperton Island 273
Helicopter Mail Flown to British Lighthouses: the Relief of the Wolf Rock Lighthouse, 7th February 1948 277
History of the Airgraph Service 285