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Air Mail News: Volume 49, Number 196, February 2007

Letters to the Editor
The UPU and Pan American Airways Operations in the late 1920s and early 1930s 248
The De Havilland Aircraft that flew the Mail after the Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, Earthquake 250
No to Computers, or any of their Ilk 253
On "O.A.T." Markings 255
"O.A.T." Postmark Theme, and WWII Swiss Air Mail to Southern Africa 258
WWII Swiss Air Mail to Southern Africa 260
Identification of aircraft on stamps: the Saro Cloud and Proof Cachets for FAM Route 19 First Flight Covers 261
Questions & Answers
(A.368) How the Air Mail Cover got to India, and back again to England 264
(A.370) Posted (at Reading) under Cover 269
(A.371) Where the 'First Air Mail to Karachi' Photograph was probably taken 272
(Q.372) Information Requested about Early British Air Services 273
(Q.373) British Wartime Air Mail Cover to Vichy France 273
(Q.374) A WWII-Period Irish Air mail Cover to Argentina 275
(Q.375) What were the Bolivian Air Mail Postage Rates? 278
(Q.376) When did Pan Am resume Trans-Pacific Air Mail after the Second World War? 280
(Q.377) Is this a Guba Indian Ocean Survey Flight Cover? 281
A 1925 'La Transalpina' Flight Cover 283
The North Atlantic Return Ferry (BOAC) and the RAF Ferry Command 284
Spanish Air Mails After the Civil War (1939-1946) Part IV: The December 1942 to June 1944 Period 294
Bolivian Air Mail Postage Rates on Mail flown by LATI to Germany 303

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