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Air Mail News: Volume 50, Number 197, May 2007

Letters to the Editor
The Saro Cloud 6
Canadian Prisoner-of-War Camps 8
Julius Fletcher 8
World War II Swiss Air mail to Southern Africa 9
Wartime Air Mail between Sweden, Madrid and the U.S.A. 9
Speed of Wartime Air mail between Switzerland and Madrid 10
Colombian Air mail Cover 13
Bolivian Air Mail Postage rates by LATI to Germany 14
Questions & Answers
(A.320) Egypt to the United States via South Africa in 1944 15
(A.368) The Royal Airship Base at Drigh Road, Karachi; Air Mail Routes from India 15
(A.370) Posted (at reading) under Cover 18
(A.372) Information about Early British Air Services 20
(A.374) The WWII-Period Irish Air mail Cover to Argentina 20
(A.376) The date when Trans-Pacific Air Mail services were resumed after the Conclusion of the Second World War 21
(Q.378) Has Anyone ever seen this L.A.T.I. "Via Natal" Directional Handstamp Before? 26
(Q.379) Can Anyone explain this I.A. Jubilee Handstamp? 31
(Q.380) Why did this Red Cross Letter to East Africa go to Cairo? 33
(Q.381) How did this Air Mail Cover get from Newfoundland to Ceylon, and back Again? 34
(Q.382) What is the Significance of this Japanese date Stamp? 35
The Reason for the Two Signatures on this 1911 Coronation Aerial Postcard 35
Peking to Tsinan: First Air Mail, 1st July 1921 37
Mail Carried on the 1940 B.O.A.C. Transatlantic Flights 41
Walter G. Crosby First Flight Covers 46
Aviation Aspects of the Kenya Emergency 1952 - 1960 55
The Garuda Mail Run 60
The Names of K.L.M. Aircraft 60
An Interrupted Flight (April 1929) 62

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