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Air Mail News: Volume 52, Number 206, August 2009

Letters to the Editor
The Pillage International Trophy Competition 72
The "Miami Transit" Listing 73
The air mail postage rate between the UK and the USA in 1926 and the franking of covers to the Belgian Congo in 1935 73
The Route to Madagascar 77
Royal mail by "Balloon", but not as you know it! 79
The Philips "Lettres Temoin" 80
Early Use of FAM-22 by Swiss Mail 84
Questions & Answers
(A.422) Australia to Columbia by Air in 1929 85
(A.434) The Route Togo to Switzerland in 1943 86
(A.436) Postage rates from Gabon to England in 1943 86
(A.437) The Hamburg Balloon Stamp 88
(A.438) Edwin Bormann's Eilpost card? 88
(A.439) They were not unrecorded Types of Aberdeen to Shetland First Flight Covers 88
(Q.440) Was there a British "Jusqu'a" rate in 1937 to China? 89
(Q.441) Route and Rate from N. Rhodesia to Latvia in 1937? 90
(Q.442) Indian Internal Air Mail Postage Rates in 1938? 91
(Q.443) A South African Special Christmas Flight 91
(Q.444) The wherabouts of F.P.O.148? 93
(Q.445) Air Bleu Connection to North Africa and South America? 94
(Q.446) What is the Significance of "206 BRIT" on this Tristan da Cunha Air Mail Cover? 94
(Q.447) Was an early "Richard Branson" Manned Free Flight Balloon Attempt across the Atlantic? 95
New York to South Africa in 1941 97
Underpaid Air Mail 1924 - 1940 99
Exactly When did the LATI Service to South America End? 117
Jumbo, Jumbo 119

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