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Air Mail News: Volume 52, Number 207, November 2009

Letters to the Editor
Obituary: J. 'Hamish' M. Reid 152
When was the 'British' added to the title of our 'Air Mail Society'? 154
The number of known Lockerbie Crash Covers 154
Additional Information concerning European Despatches via New York for the U.S. Trancontinental Air Mail Service 156
Comments and Queries raised by: "The St. Lawrence Seaway Air Mail Service, 1927 - 1939" 157
Questions & Answers
(A.422) Australia to Columbia by Air in 1929 167
(A.441) Route and Rate from N. Rhodesia to Latvia in 1937? 167
(A.442) Indian Internal Air Mail Postage Rates in 1938 169
(A.443) The South African Special Christmas Flight Cover 169
(A.444) The wherabouts of F.P.O.148 171
(A.445) Air Bleu Connection to North Africa and South America 172
(A.447) It was not an early "Richard Branson" Manned Free Flight Balloon Attempt across the Atlantic 174
(Q.448) By Air from Sydney to Amsterdam in October 1934? 172
(Q.449) WWII-period Maltese Air Mail to British Guiana? 176
Que Que, Southern Rhodesia to Victoria, Seychelles 179
The RAF Cairo-Baghdad Air Mail Service: Cachets used on Air Mail Covers 181
The B.S.A.A. Post Merger Period Chilean Air Mail 189
The "Sunshine Air Express" 194
Another Version of the PAA Pacific Clipper's Historic Westbound Flight 196
The A.P.E.X. 1934 Exhibition 204
WWII-Period Incorrectly Rated British Air Mail Covers to Australia 209

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