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Air Mail News: Volume 51, Number 204, February 2009

Letters to the Editor
LAN spreads its wings 239
I'm not a 'Postage Due Buff', but ... 240
The "United Nations" 241
Victor Nawratil 241
Re-siting of British Postal Museum Archives 245
late FAM-14 Flight Covers 245
The 70th Anniversary of the Imperial Airways Record Breaking Flight from Dundee to South West Africa 247
Questions & Answers
(A.402) Midway - Wake Island Cover Mystery 249
(A.418) The Date Southbound Air Service from Great Britain to South Africa was resumed in 1945 253
(A.419) Argentine Temporary Rate Increase, or Late Fee? 253
(A.420) WWII-period Iraqi Postage Rates 254
(A.425) The Catalina lost at Rose Bay , Sydney, August 1949 254
(Q.426) How did this Chinese Crash Cover reach the U.S.A.? 257
(Q.427) Is this a Genuine Zeppelin Cover? 258
(Q.428) Franking of F.P.O. 662 Air Mail Cover to Brazil 259
(Q.429) Malayan Air Mail via Marseilles in 1928 259
(Q.430) The Correct Franking on this 1934 Zeppelin Cover 312
(Q.431) What kind of aircraft would have been used on the Nish-Vienna leg of the London - Karachi service in January 1931 260
Credit due to Credit Suisse (WWII-Period Air Mail Paraguay to Switzerland) 260
A Few Notes on the Pan American Lisbon / Natal / Lisbon Service (the "Substitute LATI Service") 270
The Story of the 'Round-the-World-and a bit Flight 272
A Tale of Two Covers (November 1941) 274
Investigating Venezuelan Air Mail Postage rates (1930-1944): an Interim Report 276

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