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Air Mail News: Volume 51, Number 203, November 2008

Letters to the Editor
Comments about WWII-Period Air Mails between Axis-occupied Europe and the Americas 163
The St. Lawrence Seaway Air Mails 167
The LAN frankings on Chilean Air Mail Covers 167
Hosting an Aerophilatelic Weekend 169
Houston Mt. Everest Covers 169
The Damon Runyan Cancer Fund Covers 170
"Par Avion / Singapore / By Air Mail" mark 170
Davis and Davis 170
The Last FAM-14 Flight 171
American Air Mail Society Publications 172
Questions & Answers
(A.403) A Reason why Nicaraguan Covers went via Brownsville 172
(A.409) Incoming Foreign Covers franked with US Postage Stamps for the Air Mail Service over the Three Zones of the US Transcontinental Air Mail Service 174
(A.410) Interpretation of Bahamas'First Flight' Cover to Jamaica: the "On/Off" FAM-7 Service 178
(A.411) The Directional cachet was applied by Pan Am in Surinam 182
(A.418) Why the WWII-Period South African Air Mail Service was Suspended 186
(A.419) Argentine Temporary Rate Increase, or Late Fee? 188
(Q.420) WWII-period Iraqi Postage Rates 188
(Q.421) Is this a Pan American Good Will Flight Cover? 190
(Q.422) How did this Australian Cover get to Colombia in 1929? 190
(Q.423) Bolivian Air mail to France via the Amazon? 191
(Q.424) ANA's First All-Australian Air Mail Cover to the UK 193
(Q.425) Information needed concerning Australian 'Crash' Cover in 1949 194
The "LATI Substitute" Service of Pan American Airways and the Influence of Wartime Censorship 196
Astrophilately - A "Universally" Popular Theme 209
The 1951 Festival of Britain Aerogrammes 214
Aerophilately in the Great War and After 215
A Unique Rate (Singapore - UK May 1941) 219
Those Mysterious Victor Nawratil Covers 220
New Suriname Directional Handstamp Discovery 226

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