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Air Mail News: Volume 53, Number 213, May 2011

Letters to the Editor
The Proposed North Atlantic Air Mail Route to Sweden 325
Citation of Websites as References in Aerophilatelic Articles 329
British Catapult Mail by the 'Ile de France' 331
Re: Q.465. Are United States Air Mail Postage Stamps only valid for Air Mail Service? 332
Michael Crux & Kuno Sollors 333
Via NYRBA 336
That Delayed Cover, Chile to the Philippines in 1938 340
June 1940 Dutch East Indies Air Mail Cover was probably not despatched by First Horseshoe Service Flight, WS 1 341
Possible Space Fillers? 342
Questions & Answers
(A.472) 'Rohan et Cie' 344
(Q.475) Which Crash does this Thai Air Mail Cover relate to? 344
(Q.476) How did this Australian Cover reach Switzerland in 1944? 345
The Positioning Flight of the 'Arethusa' 346
L.A.T.I's Rome - Tokyo - Rome Flight of 1942 347
Hong Kong Air Mails: 1933 to 1940, the KLM Service 351
Air Mail Directional Handstamps: Some Recent Additions 359
The London, Scottish and Provincial Airways Ltd. 361
Combi-Mail Class 5b: Air Mails Returned to Sender for Correct Postage to be Added 362
A 1938 Argentine Air Mail Cover to China: A Question of Rates and Dates 372

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