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Air Mail News: Volume 53, Number 212, February 2011

Letters to the Editor
"Par Avion" "Hong Kong" or "Singapore" Marks of the Philippine Islands 245
Air Mail Flown on from New York 251
The First British Air Mail Flight, Blackpool, August 1910 252
The Censorship by Germany of Mail from Neutral Countries 253
Wotherspoon's Ingenuity 254
... and more on Jet Test Flight Covers 255
CFRNA/CIDNA and Czech Acceptances for Bulgaria 256
The Stockholm-Riga-Moscow Air Route 258
Members Correspondence re. Bulgarian Air Mails: Russia to Bulgaria, 1940; Bulgaria via Athens to Siam in 1934 260
Questions & Answers
(A.465) United States Air Mail Postage Stamps were only valid for Air Mail Service 262
(Q.471) How did this Cover reach the South of France in 1935? 267
(Q.472) Who were 'Rohan et Cie'? 174
(Q.473) What was Capt. Smye trying to do, and did he succeed? 271
(Q.474) Was the 1939 Byrd Antarctic Expedition marked philatelically? 272
The BOAC Crash at Kinnekulle, Sweden August 1944 273
Chile to the Philippines by 'Clipper' in 1938: A Delayed Cover 280
The First Croydon Aerodrome Postmark, 1928 283
A Meeting of Monarchs 283
British Acceptance for the Catapult Air Mail Service of the 'Ile de France' 290
Air Mail from the Dutch East Indies to the U.K. and to the U.S.A. 1940-1941 292
Problems with the Identification of Authentic Commercially-Flown NYRBA Covers 299

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