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Air Mail News: Volume 55, Number 219, November 2012

Letters to the Editor
LZ-129 Hindenburg 3
Airmails of the World 6
Australia's First Official Scheduled Air Mail Service, Perth to Derby 4th December 1921 6
Questions & Answers
(Q.487) Can anyone explain this Franco-Bulgarian Flown Exhibition Card? 8
(Q.488) KLM to South America 10
(A.488) KLM to South America 10
A Much Mis-directed Cover 10
The Daily Mail Western Waterplane Tour 1912 12
The Correct Name for the Smallest Republic in Latin America 13
The Rebirth of the KLM Airline to the Far East after WWII: Part 1 15
The Rhein Main Airmails: 10th to 23rd June 1912 22
To and Fro between Southampton and Poole: Imperial Airways' UK Flying Boat Base, Sept 1939 to 1940 30
Primary Source: First Acceptance of Mail from Egypt destined for Greece and Crete 34

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