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Air Mail News: Volume 55, Number 220, February 2013

Letters to the Editor
When is a Boeing 314 not a Boeing 314? 3
Questions & Answers
(Q.488) Yankee Clipper Crash Cover 4
Deutsche Lufthansa: Germany to South America via Bathurst, Sierra Leone Gazette 1935 5
Croydon to Cape Town January 1932 6
Brazil to Argentina 6
Disruption of Horseshoe Mail from Durban in mid 1941 11
Rebirth of KLM Airline to the Far East after WWII, Part II 18
Airmail Postcard from Ruanda-Urundi to UK by Imperial Airways 1933 23
Switzerland to Dutch East Indies, November 1941 - February 1942 25
First Acceptance of Mail to the Balkans from London and Alexandria 28
Contrast in Attitudes to First Flight Covers: GB & USA 29

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