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Air Mail News: Volume 57, Number 226, August 2014

Questions & Answers
(Q.504) What Route did this postcard follow? 1
(Q.505) Was this carried by air from Lisbon? 2
(A.500) Serialisation of WWII Airgraphs 3
(A.501) Boadicea Crash 4
(A.505) Was this carried by air from Lisbon? 5
Primary Source: Hong Kong Post Office Notice, 1936 6
Chile to Argentina: Airpost over the Andes, 1929 7
Mail carried by LATI to the Americas: English Censorship in Bermuda and the Caribbean 9
The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia 16
The Wartime Trans-Atlantic Flights can get quite complicated 19
African Repositioning Flights in June 1940 20
Was this an Opportunist Diversion of Swiss Trans-Atlantic Air Mail? 24
A very Puzzling 1925 French Air Mail Cover to the United States 27

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