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Air Mail News: Volume 57, Number 227, November 2014

Letters to the Editor
"Mixed Franking" on WWII APO Covers 1
Chile to Argentina, 1929 1
Opportunist Swiss Trans Atlantic Air Mail 2
Commentary on Julian's Swiss Covers 3
Questions & Answers
(Q.506) First Flight from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 19th May 1934 3
Air mail Letter from France to Colombia, South America dated 16th April 1945 4
Colourful Philatelic Air Mail Covers from the Free Polish Forces in Palestine and Italy to the USA showing Miami Transit Marks 4
Follow-up to Robert Clark's Article in AMN August 2014 8
New York, Rio and Buenos Aires Airlines 11
Airpost over the Andes, 1929 17
The Flying Demonstrations of C A Pegoud 1913-1914 20
Reference List of Flying Boats 25
Four Covers a Career: Brayton L Meyer 27

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