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Air Mail News: Volume 60, Number 238, August 2017

Ligne Mermoz Flights 3A and 3R 13
South African FAM 18 First Flight Covers 15
A Reply to Bill Trower's Article "Mercury Re-Visited" 17
Colour Variants of FAM-18 First Flight cachets 18
Wartime Air Mail Rates from Brazil 20
Modern British Air Mail Rates 22
Questions & Answers
(A.527) Luxembourg Covers sent via the Belgian Air Mail Service 23
(Q.528) Information Requested about this 1939 Papua New Guinea First Flight Cover 23
(Q.529) How and Why was this Dutch 'First Flight' Cover Flown to Romania in December 1929? 24
(Q.530) Is this a Return Flight Cover from the Galway-London-Galway Experimental Flight of 26th August 1929? 25
Also Flown by New Zealand Internal Air Mail 27
Wartime Air Mail Rates from Brazil: Part 2 1934-1945 34
A Rare Pan AM Survey Cover 41

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