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Air Mail News: Volume 60, Number 239, November 2017

Questions & Answers
(A.530) The Galway to Berlin Flight of 22nd October 1932 7
(Q.531) How was this New Zealand cover Flown to England at the time Japan attacked Pearl Harbour? 10
(Q.532) Could these Colombian Air Mail Covers to Europe have been Flown the South Atlantic Route? 10
(Q.533) Which of these Two British Guinea 'First Flight' Covers is Correct? 12
(Q.534) Where was this Cover Delayed for over Seven Years? 13
Flown from UK to New Zealand via USA in July-August 1940? 13
Roumanian Transatlantic Air mails during World War II 16
China National Aviation Corporation 27
Horseshoe Route Disruption - Iraq, May- June 1941 30
Mail Launched from the S.S. 'Ile de France' by Catapult towards New York in August 1928 32
A BAMS Member's Eyewitness Account of Thai Airways Crash at Kai Tak, Hong Kong 30 June 1967 36

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