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Air Mail News: Volume 60, Number 240, February 2018

Questions & Answers
(A.531) New Zealand cover flown at the time Japan attacked Pearl Harbour 15
(A.533) Comments about the Two British Guiana "First Flight" Covers to Jamaica 16
(Q.535) Were these Montserrat Air Mail Covers flown beyond St. Kitts 16
(A.534) Delayed Wartime Mail from Papua New Guinea 17
(Q.536) What is the Inscription in this Peruvian Postmark? 20
(Q.537) What were the Danish Air Postage Rates to Tanganyika in 1936? 21
(Q.538) How would you Describe this Chilean Air Mail Cover? 22
(Q.539) Why was this British Air Mail Cover charged 6c Postage Due? 23
Raid Samat, November 1933 23
The Puzzling World of Air Parcel Cards 30
The Horseshoe Route from the United Kingdom: October 1941 - January 1942 40
FAM 4 Key West to Havana in 1927 44

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