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Air Mail News: Volume 61, Number 243, November 2018

More documents pertaining to the wartime disruption of the Horseshoe Route 4
Questions & Answers
(A.539) Why the British Air Mail Cover was charged 6c Postage Due 10
(Q.545) Who exactly was A.H. Davis 10
(Q.546) Did this Italian WWII-Period Air Mail Cover to Argentina carry the correct postage? 11
(Q.547) Where was Field Post Office 662 in March 1946? 12
(Q.548) Can Anybody Explain this Equador First Flight Cover? 13
FAM-22 First Flight Covers - Unintended Consequences 14
The "Political" Flights of South African Airways 15
Bulgaria: The Strasbourgh Aerophilately Exhibition Issue of 1932 22
The Winter of 1939-40 33
The German Catapult Mail of the North Atlantic. Part 3 39

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