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Air Mail News: Volume 61, Number 244, February 2019

Questions & Answers
(A.545) The Identity of A.H. Davis 20
(A.546) The Italian Air Mail Cover was correctly franked 20
(A.547) F.P.O. 662 was in Milan in March 1946 20
(Q.549) Can anyone explain this KLM First Flight Cover? 20
(Q.550) Has anyone ever seen a Bermudan B.S.A.A. First Flight Cover? 22
L.A.N. - Chile's Internal Airline, 1931-1940 21
The Exchange of Mail between France and Madagascar in September 1932 28
LATI - a cautionary tale 29
European Post and Freight Night Services 31
The German Catapult Mail of the North Atlantic (Part 4) 35
Aspects of the R.N.A.S. (Royal Naval Air Service) Officially Flown Mails from the Western Front during the Great War 37

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