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Air Mail News: Volume 61, Number 246, August 2019

Re. Capt T A Smye 6
Re. BSAA 1946 Bermuda Test Letters 8
Re. Q-552 & Page Sizes 9
From Titanic to Earhart 11
Questions & Answers
(A.555) Possible Evidence that Romanian Air Mail via Lisbon to North & South America During 1941 was Flown a Different Route from that Taken by Bulgarian Air Mail 12
(A.556) Pan American Air Mail Test Letters of 1946 13
An Unexpected Mexican Pan Am Test Letter 16
(Q.555) Jamaica Censorship 17
(A.557) Madagascar via Imperial Airways 18
(A.551) A Basel-Cherbourg Supplementary North Atlantic catapult Connection? 20
(Q.556) One for the Burmeses Specialist? 21
(Q.557) Imperial Airways to Basrah 22
The Mosquito on the Stockholm Run 24
The German Catapult Mail of the North Atlantic: Part 6 32
Meetings Reports
Midlands, 31 March 37
North West, 23 June 37
Scottish, 13 April 38
Wessex, May 38
South Coast, 30 March 38

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