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Air Mail News: Volume 61, Number 245, May 2019

The "Aeroletter" 5
The Captain Smye Covers 5
Questions & Answers
(A.549) The 1939 KLM "First Flight" Cover Rotterdam to Manchester 11
(A.550) More on Jamaican BSAA First Flight Covers 14
(Q.551) A Basel - Cherbourg Supplementary North Atlantic Catapult Connection 15
(Q.552) What was the reason for this KGV 1/2d Stamp? 15
(Q.553) Was this World War I Cover partially flown within Egypt? 16
(Q.554) Information Requested concerning this Australian Air Mail Cover? 17
Opening the Curtain a Little More over Mocambique Mail 17
Insufficiently Prepaid Air Mail, 1930 - 1940 19
The Pan Am Air Mail Test Letters of 1946 32
The German Catapult Mail of the North Atlantic. Part 5 36
Possible Evidence that Romanian Air Mail via Lisbon to North and South America during 1941 was flown a Different Route from that taken by Bulgarian Air Mail 38
Review of "Cachets Applied to Interrupted New Zealand Airmail: Aeroplane Trip cancelled; Air Service interrupted" by Brian R Peace and Robin D Gwynn 44

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