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Air Mail News: Volume 62, Number 250, August 2020

1939 Cover to New York City 6th September 1939 4
Lieutenant-Colonel Allister Miller 5
Questions & Answers
(A.561) Smye Peru Cover 8
(Q.566) New Guinea to Sweden May 1940 9
(A.562) GWR 3d Air Mail Issue 10
(Q.567) US Domestic Airmail 1929 11
(Q.568) Curious Mark on V-Mail 12
"Clipper Cove" Pan American Airways Corporation's New Flying Boat base for their "Pacific Rim" Clippers 14
Postcard from the Past 20
Dutch Airmail Started in 1920 26
The Airmail Stamps of the Portsmouth, Southsea and Isle of Wight Aviation Co. Ltd: Part 3 32
The German Catapult Mail of the North Atlantic Part 10 38
Flights of Fantasy 44

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