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Air Mail News: Volume 62, Number 251, November 2020

Eddie Spicer's Cover to Jacksonville, Florida 4th April 1942 4
100th Anniversary of First Chinese Air Mail Flight from Peking to Tientsin on 7 May 1920 6
Questions & Answers
(A.566) New Guinea to Sweden May 1940 7
(A.561) Smye Peru Cover 8
(A.566) New Guinea to Sweden May 1940 8
(A.562) GWR 3d Air Mail Issue 10
Francis J Field 11
Interrupted Flight of 21st September 1933 12
The Veil is Lifted: Builds a Seaport in the Jungle, Fisherman's Lake and how FAM22 became known as FAM18 15
The German Catapult Mail of the North Atlantic Part 11: The 1933 Catapult Season 32
The Amazing Story behind Costa Rica's Higher Denominated Air Mail Stamp Issue of 1931 37
Air-Sea Mail in the Mediterranean 43

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