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Air Mail News: Volume 50, Number 198, August 2007

Letters to the Editor
Saved from the Trash Bin 85
An Australian Cover Flown via the BOAC North Atlantic Ferry 87
The Disposal of Air Mail Literature 89
Alex henshaw and Arthur Clouston 90
Wartime Air Mail between Sweden, Madrid and the U.S.A. 97
Computers and the Use of the Internet 98
Some Clarity on the 'Clare' 99
Questions & Answers
(A.294) The Float Plane carried by the "Commandant Charcot" 105
(A.368) Air Mail Routes from India 107
(A.370) Posted (at Reading) Under Cover 109
(A.372) The Air Post of Banks, Ltd 109
(A.374) The WWII-Period Irish Air mail Cover to Argentina 109
(A.376) The date when Trans-Pacific Air Mail services were resumed after the Conclusion of the Second World War 110
(A.378) Has Anyone ever seen this L.A.T.I. "Via Natal" Directional Handstamp Before? 110
(A.379) Explanation for the I.A. Jubilee Handstamp 113
(Q.380) Why did a Red Cross Letter to East Africa go to Cairo 114
(A.381) How the Air Mail Cover got from Newfoundland to Ceylon, and back Again 115
(A.382) Interpretation of the Japanese date Stamp 117
(Q.383) Which Airline did this Passenger fly with? 117
(Q.384) Information required about Mr T.E. Raymond Phillips, the Inventor of the Wireless-Controlled Airship 120
(Q.385) What were the dates for starting 'All-up' Services? 121
(A.386) From the UK to Sweden via Moscow in 1940 121
(Q.387) P.C. 66 "Opened by Censor" Tape 123
(Q.388) Where was the Air mail Etiquette Obliterated? 124
(Q.389) What were the Irish Air mail Postage Rates to the United States 1941-1951? 125
The Resumption of Trans-Pacific Air Mail Services after the Second World War 127
The First Direct Flights between the UK and Mount Pleasant Airfield in the Falklands in 1985 131
Bolivian LATI Air Mail Postage Rates 135
The Guatemala Incident 139
Not all International Air Mail Exited Australia through Sydney 144

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