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Air Mail News: Volume 5, Number 199, November 2007

Letters to the Editor
Bolivian Postage Rates 165
Mail carried on the BOAC Transatlantic Flights 166
Alex Henshaw and Arthur Clouston 167
Flight by Clouston and Ricketts from England to New Zealand and back, March 1938 171
P.C. 66 Censorship Labels 173
Questions & Answers
(A.368) Air mail Routes from India 175
(A.380) The Reason the Red Cross Letter to East Africa was sent to Cairo 175
(A.383) The Airline that operated Le Bourget to Croydon in 1928 177
(A.384) The Inventor of the Wireless-Controlled Airship 178
(A.386) That British Air mail Cover to Sweden in 1940 178
(A.387) P.C. 66 "Opened by Censor" Tape 183
(A.388) Where the Air mail Etiquette was Obliterated 183
(A.389) That "Bone Shaking" Mysterious 1s 3½d Irish Air mail Postage Rate 184
(Q.390) The Post-War Activities of the airline "Nordavia" 187
(Q.391) Was this Belgian "First Acceptance" Cover for I.A. Service to Egypt ever Flown? 188
(Q.392) Is this a unique March 1944 Canadian Crash Cover? 190
(Q.393) Is this really a I.A. 1000th Flight Cover? 193
Air Mails of the French Congo 194
The French Ambush Swiss Air Mail in October 1944 206
Spanish Air Mails After the Civil War (1939-1946) Part V: The June 1944 to 1946 Period 212

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