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Air Mail News: Volume 50, Number 200, February 2008

Letters to the Editor
Henshaw, Clouston, Mrs Kirby-Green, and the Aero-Philatelic Dealer, A. Philips 243
Direct Flights between the U.K. and the Falkland Islands 250
WWII-Period Swiss Air Mails 252
First British Acceptances for Air Mail Service in the French Congo 256
The "Southern Cross" and the "Southern Cloud" 257
Questions & Answers
(A.370) "Posted Under Cover At ..." etc. 259
(A.372) The Air Post of Banks, Ltd. 259
(A.382) Interpretation of the Japanese Date Stamp 261
(A.390) The Post-War Activities of the airline "Nordavia" 261
(A.392) That March 1944 Canadian Crash Cover 263
(A.393) Readers Comment on those I.A. 1000th Flight Covers 264
(Q.394) The Air Crash in Rome in 1955 268
(Q.395) The Cheapest Air Mail Postage rate in the World? or ... was this 1937 Card from Johannesburg to Columbia really flown? 269
(Q.396) What was the reason for this Indian dated Cancellation? 270
(Q.397) Was there FIP Patronage at the London International Stamp Exhibitions of 1960 and 1970? 271
(Q.398) Any ideas about this U.S. "Strike Breaking" Air Mail Cover to France? 271
(Q.399) Information concerning Iraqi Internal Flights in 1939 272
(Q.400) Was any Mail flown by the "Locomotive" Glider Train of 1934? 275
Barbados World War II Air Mail Rates 275
Was this Air Mail Cover Carried on the Last Flight from San Francisco over FAM Route 19 to Auckland, New Zealand? 281
O.A.T. - Onward Air Transmission - Morocco 287

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