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Air Mail News: Volume 51, Number 202, August 2008

Letters to the Editor
Davis and Davis 83
WWII 'Two Oceans' Mail from the UK to Australia and New Zealand 84
Trans-Pacific Air Mail from the USA before the attack on Pearl Harbour 84
Air mail flight between Ottawa and Bradore Bay, 1932 85
The Judging at Bellafonte 87
Greatest Number of Postmarks on an Air Mail Cover 89
New Book on South African Air mails: problems regarding exhibiting literature 91
Book "Flying Empires" available to download 93
Questions & Answers
(A.395) The Cheapest Air Mail Postage Rate in the World: the Empire Exhibition, Johannesburg, 1936-1937 94
(A.400) The Lustig "Locomotive Glider Train" of 1934 95
(A.402) The Midway - Wake Island Cover Mystery: cancelling Philippine Islands Stamps in the United States 96
(A.403) A Possible Reason why Covers were flown from Nicaragua over to Brownsville, rather than to Miami 96
(A.404) Imperial Airways Calpurnia Crash Cover on Ebay 97
(A.406) How the 1931 Kenya & Uganda Cover was flown 98
(A.407) Air Route from Perth, Australia to Singapore in 1935 99
(Q.409) Incoming Foreign Covers franked with US Postage Stamps for the Air Mail Service over the Three Zones of the US Transcontinental Air Mail Service 100
(Q.410) Can anyone interpret this Bahamas to Jamaica First Flight Cover? 100
(Q.411) Was this cachet applied by a Pan Am, or a US Post Office? 102
(Q.412) Could this Cover have been forwarded by the Horseshoe Route? 103
(Q.413) Lebanon to Iraq in 1924? 105
(Q.414) How did this Russian Cover reach Uruguay in 1936? 105
(Q.415) Was there Sufficient Postage on this Iraqi Cover for it to be Flown Twice across the Atlantic? 107
(Q.416) Were any other covers posted outside of South Africa flown on KLM's return flight to Amsterdam, New Year 1938? 108
(Q.417) Is there a set of "Dear Senor" letters in the United Kingdom? 109
(Q.418) Why was South African "Airmail Suspended" 110
(Q.419) A 1939 Argentine Temporary Rate Increase, or Late Fee? 110
The Caribou Writes to the Yeti 112
'Par Avion', 'Hong Kong' or 'Singapore' Marks of the Philippine Islands 119
An Early Thailand Air Mail Card 121
Notes and Queries about WWII-Period Air Mails between Axis-occupied Europe and the Americas 124
Why Leopoldville? 124

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