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Air Mail News: Volume 51, Number 201, May 2008

Letters to the Editor
Information about Early Bolivian Airmails" 4
"Dear Senor" Letters 5
WWII-Period Swiss Air Mails 5
Questions & Answers
(A.394) The Air Crash in Rome in 1955 6
(A.395) The Cheapest Air Mail Postage rate in the World? or ... was this 1937 Card from Johannesburg to Columbia really flown? 7
(A.396) Uses of Indian dated Cancellation 13
(A.399) Information concerning Iraqi Internal Flights in 1939 18
(A.400) The Lustig "Locomotive Glider Train" of 1934 19
(Q.401) Does this Capt. Smye Cover have any Significance? 21
(Q.402) A Midway - Wake Island Cover Mystery 21
(Q.403) Why were these Covers flown from Nicaragua over to Brownsville, rather than to Miami? 22
(Q.404) Imperial Airways calpurnia Crash Cover on Ebay 25
(Q.405) Does Anyone have a Picture of a Sikorsky S-43 in Flight? 25
(Q.406) Was this 1931 Kenya & Uganda Cover flown? 26
(Q.407) Air Route from Perth, Australia to Singapore in 1935? 27
(Q.408) What was the Pollard's Airship? 27
The St. Lawrence Seaway Air Mail Service: 1927 - 1939 29
Readers write in about 'Two Oceans' Route Mail 53
World War II 'Two Ocean' Mail from the United Kingdom to Australia and New Zealand 54
WWII-Period Air Mails diverted from the 'Two Oceans' Route' 62
Not a 'Two Oceans' but a 'Double Atlantic' Route Cover 65
No Service to Netherlands East Indies 67
No Service to Singapore and India 69
The Last Pre-WWII (USA) Flight from Treasure Island to the Territory of Hawaii by Pan American Airways 72

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