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Air Mail News: Volume 52, Number 208, February 2010

Letters to the Editor
Another version of the PAA Pacific Clipper's Historic Westbound Flight 228
World War II-period Air Mails between Axis-occupied Europe and the Americas: an Additional Route Germany to the United States 231
Questions & Answers
(A.448) World War II-period Maltese Air Mail to British Guiana 233
(A.449) PICAO and the Paris Air Routes Conference of 1946 235
(Q.450) Is this a genuine Danzig FAM-18 Route Cover? 237
(Q.451) From what kind of Material were WWII-Period "OAT" Handstamps made? 239
(Q.452) First Flight Mauritius to France in 1937? 241
(Q.453) Why this franking on 1927 Austrian air mail cover to the USA? 242
(Q.454) A WWII-period Venezuelan air mail mis-sorted cover? 243
(Q.455) Was 1s 3d the correct British air mail rate to India in 1941? 244
International Access to U.S. Zonal Air Mail, 1924-1927 245
Guatemalan Mail via Catapult Flights 1934-1935 253
The Army Flies the Mail by Helicopter to Hanmer in 1973 259
Sicitur ad Astra - Thus you shall go to the Stars 263
Notes on the Usage of the "North Atlantic Air Service" Air Mail Cachet in Morocco, 1939-1947 272
The Stop at Seville on LATI's "Rome - Rio de Janeiro" Service 282
Beijing 2009 Aeropex 291

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