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Air Mail News: Volume 53, Number 210, August 2010

Letters to the Editor
Confirmation of a Wartime Spanish Air Mail Postage Rate 88
Round-the- World Flight Covers of 1937 92
Information about two British WWII-period air mail covers 92
A catapult Cover with Eye-Appeal 95
More Information about the "Sunshine Air Express" 97
R-34 Covers 99
The Aerophilatelic Club, London and the Air Mail Society 100
Questions & Answers
(A.457) The 1926 Air Union Crash near Hurst, Kent 101
(A.458) How the Polish Cover was flown to Bolivia in July 1939 103
(A.459) Nigeria to Hong Kong in 1936, Nigeria to Lundy in 1937 108
(Q.460) New Zealand to the USA via Trinidad in 1944? 111
(Q.462) Rates on First Flight Covers England to Northern Ireland in 1941? 112
(Q.463) Guatemala to the UK via San Francisco in February 1943? 113
(Q.464) Postage Rate, Ruanda to South Africa in 1941? 114
(A.440) A British Air Mail Cover via Moscow to China in 1936 115
The First British Air Mail Flight, 1910 116
Air Anglia (A.A.) 121
C.J. Melrose - a Short Life, but a Memorable Flight to England 136
Great Western Railway: the Newton Abbot Flights 139

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