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Air Mail News: Volume 53, Number 211, November 2010

Letters to the Editor
French Crashes in England 166
G.W.R. Newton Abbot Covers 167
90th Anniversary of the Chineses Postal Service 167
Aircraft Stamps 168
Questions & Answers
(A.459) Nigeria to Lundy in 1937 170
(A.460) The Route from New Zealand to the United States in May 1944 for a cover that was censored in Trinidad 170
(A.462) They were not correctly rated First Flight Covers, England to Northern Ireland in 1941 171
(Q.465) Are United States Air Mail Postage Stamps only valid for Air Mail Service? 171
(Q.466) Was this French Polynesian Air Mail Cover Flown? 172
(Q.467) First Flight FAM-6 from Guadeloupe to South America? 174
(Q.468) Does anyone have the Signature of E.L. Sloniger? 175
(Q.469) The "Linley" Cachet Club? 176
(Q.470) Can anyone explain this Argentine Franking? 178
Further Aspects of the Horseshoe Route: a New Zealand Perspective 179
Aspects of the World War II Routes to and from Sweden 184
Pushing the Boundaries: Newport, Monmouthshire to Gyantse, Tibet, 20th February 1938 205
Air Mails of the Kingdom of Bulgaria 1926 - 1946 209

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