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Air Mail News: Volume 53, Number 209, May 2010

Letters to the Editor
The Handling of Surface Mail, Chile to Europe during WWII 5
Captain Ford's Epic Westbound Flight, New Zealand to the United States 7
More Information about the "Sunshine Air Express" 9
Questions & Answers
(A.448) World War II-period Maltese Air Mail to the United States 10
(A.450) It was probably not a genuine Danzig FAM-18 Route Cover 13
(A.452) Number of covers flown First Flight Mauritius to France in 1937 15
(Q.456) How was this Spanish WWII-period Window Letter Flown? 17
(Q.457) When & where was this Air Union crash in England? 19
(Q.458) How was this Polish cover flown to Bolivia in July 1939? 19
(Q.459) Nigeria to Hong Kong, Nigeria to Lundy? 21
The United States Involvement in West African Aviation and their Contribution to the Carriage of Mails, 1941-1945 24
The 1973 NZ Army Helicopter Mail Revisited 47
The 1939 'Round-the World' Flight Covers 49
The First External Air Mail Despatch from Chile 58
When the United States went to War: Two British Air Mail Problem Covers 62

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